1939                           Adventure

   US      BW      79mins   

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    • Shirley Temple Susannah Sheldon
    • Randolph Scott Inspector Angus "Monty" Montague
    • Margaret Lockwood Vicky Standing
    • Martin Good Rider Little Chief
    • J Fanell MacDonald Pat O'Hannegan
    • Maurice Moscovich Chief Big Eagle
    • Victor Jory Wolf Pelt


  • Dir:
      William A Seiter
  • Scr:
      Robert Ellis, Helen Logan, from a story by Fidel La Barba, Walter Ferns, from the novel Susannah, a Little Girl of the Mounties by Muriel Denison



    [ s u s a n n a h . . .  : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]


    Rated: PG

      Having survived a tribal massacre, little Shirley Temple is taken in by Mountie Randolph Scott and duly helps him get both his man (the truly villainous Victor Jory) and his woman (Margaret Lockwood, making her Hollywood debut).

      There's some toned-down action and a teeth-grinding sequence in which Scott is taught to tap dance, but it's mostly harmless. Avoid the colourised version.

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