The Medusa Touch

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        Richard Burton
        D V D

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        • Catalogue Number: 7952515
        • Time: 105 mins approx + extras
        • Region: 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Subtitles: None
        • Sound: Mono

        • Picture: 1.78:1 / Colour
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Classification: PG
        • Barcode: 5027626251543

        "I will bring the whole edifice down on their unworthy heads"

      • John Morlar (Richard Burton - Look Back in Anger, Equus), a well-known novelist, is savagely attacked in his London flat. Barely alive, he is taken to hospital. Detective Brunel (Lino Ventura - Sword of Gideon, Les Miserables) is assigned to the case. He comes across Morlarís journal, which leads him to a mysterious woman named Zonfeld (Lee Remick - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill, Telefon) who is Morlarís doctor.

        Zonfeld discloses that her patient is obsessed. He feels he bears an awesome telekinetic power - the power to "will" destruction and death. He can make airplanes crash, buildings crumble, start raging fires and unleash mighty floods. He believes he possesses the gift of evil, and dangerously demonstrates his power. What at first seems preposterous, soon becomes sickeningly real. Morlar is able to wreak havoc at will. Brunel desperately wants to stop the next tragedy, but can he kill this man? If released from his mortal confines, how far can the power of his mind roam..?

        Directed by Jack Gold (The Naked Civil Servant, Kavanagh QC) from a script by John Briley (Ghandi, Children of the Damned), The Medusa Touch is a highly-effective, fast paced thriller which ends in a spectacular and spine-chilling climax. This special edition of the film is sourced from the brand new HD digitally restored master and is presented in its original aspect ratio.

        Special Features:

        • Audio commentary with director Jack Gold, Kim Newman and Stephen Jones
        • Destroying the Abbey: behind the scenes footage
        • Original Theatrical Trailer
        • Image Gallery


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