1976                        Musical fantasy


    • Richard Chamberlain Prince Charming
    • Gemma Craven Cinderella
    • Annette Crosbie Fairy Godmother
    • Edith Evans Dowager Queen
    • Christopher Cable John
    • Michael Hordern King
    • Margaret Lockwood Stepmother
    • Kenneth More Lord Chamberlain


  • Dir:
      Bryan Forbes
  • Scr:
      Bryan Forbes, Robert B Sherman, Richard M Sherman



    [ t h e   s l i p p e r   &   t h e   r o s e : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

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      You know the story: Cinderella rides in a magical pumpkin to the ball, enchants the prince and flees at midnight. He finds her slipper and tracks her down, and they live happily ever after. But wait! In The Slipper and the Rose, it turns out there's more to the life of a prince than being charming. The king prefers to choose the prince's wife, one of proper social station who would provide a strong political alliance to ward off the kingdom's enemies.

      That's one of the twists in this 1976 British take on the classic fairy tale, one of a long line of musical versions. The disgruntled prince, who's as much of a focal point here as the lady with the footwear, is played by Richard Chamberlain, during the years when he was taking on the classics and had not yet been crowned king of the TV mini-series. He displays a pleasant voice opposite Gemma Craven as Cinderella, and veteran character actor Michael Hordern as the king leads the supporting ensemble. Nice to see Annette Crosbie doing a splendid Fairy Godmother and proving that there was life before becoming Victor Meldrew's wife. Margaret Lockwood makes a welcome return after almost 20 years away from the big screen.

      Add lavish sets and lush scenery (partially filmed in Austria), humour, fun choreography, and an Oscar-nominated score full of charming songs by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman (veterans of such Disney movies as Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book, and who also co-wrote the script with director Bryan Forbes), and you have a grand, engaging family musical.

      The 143-minute running time and dreamy, deliberate pace might test the patience of antsy viewers, but The Slipper and the Rose's legion of fans wouldn't have it any other way.


      • 1977: Nomination: Best Adapted Score, Song

    • UK Dvd

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