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        Signature Collection 4-Dvd Boxset
        M O V I E   I C O N O G R A P H Y

        Warner Home Video, who released this, have quietly gone about tastefully packaging the important movies of some of the biggest Hollywood actors of the 20th-century...more

          Dvd Set [2000s]

        • Format: PAL
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Number of Discs: 4
        • Classification: U

        • Studio: Warner Home Video
        • DVD Release Date: 28 Sep 2009

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        The Signature packaging is uniformly beautiful, from the boxsets of Garbo to Cary Grant (the big boxset of his they released a few years back is jaw-droppingly gorgeous) and everything that is in-between.

        This Tracy and Hepburn probaly features 3 of the 4 most loved films from this onscreen couple with Keeper of the Flame so different to anything else they done that it would hardly be classed as a favourite. Still, interesting enough and worth a view.

        Especially since Hepburn's death, the legacy of both has fallen to the cult of vicious slur. It is always the same: supposedly 'exhaustively researched' books are published to make money, money, money. Sex sells books and 'bisexualit' sells even more. That's the wonderful thing about the dead, they can't defend themselves from the grave, so "authors" can't face libel charges.

        The question has to be asked: if these claims are true why didn't they surface in their lifetimes.

        No matter. These claims should be ignored and, really, they are nobodies business. Who cares? This boxset is all that matters: the body of work they left behind. No-one can take that away from them especially these "authors".

        The full list of films here are:

          ~ Pat and Mike ~ Keeper of The Flame ~ Women of The Year ~ Adam's Rib ~

        If you are discovering Tracy and Hepburn for the first time then you are in for a rare treat with this set.

        All thanks to Warner Home Video.


        CONDITION: new.



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