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Header Painting: The Lady of Shalott (Detail)
John William Waterhouse, 1894
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Oil on canvas
86.3 x 142.2 cm
Tate Britain, London
© Estate of John William Waterhouse

Jan. 2015

Just a fraction of the artists I have pages for are listed below.

Some of the most beautiful works of art ever are here and I'm trying to present them in a unique way where the web page works around the work of art and not the other way round. By that I mean each page, each artist, has a main work at the top which is blended seamlessly into the colour of the rest of the page, Usually, you will find a pre formatted web page where a picture can be put bog standard anywhere. But to truly reflect the beauty of a work it has to be part of the page and not an add on.

Look around the web for yourself. This method has resulted in the pages being a 1000 times better looking in appearance than anything else I have seen. And at last, these great artists like Rossetti and Waterhouse are getting web pages that are truly reflecting the beauty of the work. Or trying to.

Of course this takes alot of time and work. Materially, I currently see little if anything for the work I put in which is frustrating. Hopefully, purchases of canvas prints of Victorian masters will help but that will be the only income these pages generate, I'm shortly constructing a store of Victorian bits n bobs which I'm calling 'Victorialand'. Not out of a real desire to sell artifacts but just to find something that will make a bit of money so I have the inspiration to expand these pages.

Other than that, trying to make these pages pay is an uphill struggle. Affiliate sales help a little but we are really talking about pennies. Advertising is hopeless - how do you entice a Victorian traveller with offers of viagra? So what do you do? Hope for the best, I guess. Or try and ask for donations no matter how big or small.

'ShareThis' does provide infinitely better traffic than anything else as, in my experience, it's people passing onto others what they like so are engaged with the subject matter. I would love to get traffic that is just 'word of mouth', so to speak.

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Or, if you have any unwanted books or pamphlets not just on Victorian paintings but also on writers of the era and anything on Victorian life then you can always send them here. Such books and documents contain valuable content which otherwise could be missed so they would be very valuable to me. You can use the address above. Again, you will also be able to enjoy the full list of artists.

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Edwin Austin Abbey ~ Biog. & Gallery

Edwin Austin Abbey was a U.S. watercolourist, oil-painter and book illustrator. He spent alot of time living and working in Britain...more

Lawrence Alma-Tadema ~ Biog. & Gallery

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was a Dutch painter of genre scenes set in Greece, Rome and Ancient Egypt...more

Sophie Anderson ~ Biog. & Gallery

Sophie Anderson was born in Paris, the daughter of a Parisian architect and an English mother. She studied portrait painting in her early years under Baron von Steuben in Paris...more

Beggarstaff Brothers ~ Biog. & Gallery

Beggarstaff Brothers was the name used by Sir W. Nicholson and James Pryde in their work together as poster artists...more

Rosa Bonheur ~ Biog. & Gallery

Rosa Bonheur. French animal painter widely acclaimed in her lifetime. Her best pictures, often of horses...more

Ford Madox Brown ~ Biog. & Gallery

Lordy, reading about the first thirty years of Ford Madox Brown's life, you cannot help but feel depressed...more

Edward Burne-Jones ~ Biog. & Gallery

Sir Edward Burne-Jones was one of the painters in the circle round William Morris and Rossetti...more

Augustus Egg ~ Biog. & Gallery

His painting Past and Present No. 1 was first exhibited in 1858 with no title, but it did have the inscription...more

Luke Fildes ~ Biog. & Gallery

Luke Fildes (1844-1927) was brought up by his grandmother, who in 1819 was present on the speaker's platform in Manchester at the Peterloo Massacre...more

John Anster Fitzgerald ~ Biog. & Gallery

John Anster Christian Fitzgerald avoided the oft-depicted fantasies of Shakespeare to create his own unique fairy world...more

Arthur Hughes ~ Biog. & Gallery

Arthur Hughes was born in London and studied to become a painter at the Royal Academy...more

William Holman Hunt ~ Biog. & Gallery

His father, a warehouse manager, reluctantly allowed him to enter the Royal Academy schools in 1844, where he met Millais...more

Charles Rennie Mackintosh ~ Biog. & Gallery

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1868, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was an architect, decorator and painter...more

John Everett Millais ~ Biog. & Gallery

Why is it that John Everett Millais painted arguably the most famous picture in the history of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood...more

Samuel Palmer ~ Biog. & Gallery

Samuel Palmer was a painter of pastoral landscape and the most important follower of Blake...more

John Orlando Parry ~ Biog. & Gallery

John Parry's by far most beautiful painting, London Street Scene (Billposting), c. 1837, is in the Alfred Dunhill Museum and Archive...more

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood ~ Who Were They?

PRB, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The mysterious initials first appeared following Rossetti's signature on his Girlhood of Mary Virgin exhibited in 1849...more

Henriette Ronner-Knip ~ Biog. & Gallery

Born in Amsterdam in 1821, Henriette Ronner Knip came from an artistic family and she studied art under her father, Joseph Augustus Knip...more

Dante Gabriel Rossetti ~ Biog. & Gallery

I've actually been as close as six feet to Rosetti...more

Walter Sickert ~ Biog. & Gallery

Was Walter Sickert really 'Jack the Ripper'? I mean, really?...more

Marie Spartali Stillman ~ Biog. & Gallery

As occasional model for no less than Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones, Marie Spartali Stillman remains a well-known face of the Pre-Raphealite era...more

Samuel Palmer ~ Biog. & Gallery

Samuel Palmer was a painter of pastoral landscape and the most important follower of Blake...more

Vincent van Gogh ~ Biog. & Gallery

Exactly one year before Vincent van Gogh was born, his mother had given birth to an already dead baby (stillborn). That baby had also been named Vincent...more

Fredrick Walker ~ Biog. & Gallery

Frederick Walker, ARA RWS, artist. The evocations of rural life by Frederick Walker were greatly admired for their successful blend of...more

John William Watterhouse ~ Biog. & Gallery

Waterhouse was one of the great Victorian artists, whose paintings were British neo-classical...more


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