Vincent van Gogh

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        Armand Roulin (24 Inches)
        C A N V A S  P R I N T

        We are based in South London near Croydon and if preferred this item can be picked up by appointment. Just e-mail here.

        Superb value :: 2015 - Buy this gorgeous Vincent van Gogh canvas print for just £39.99 (UK)/$53.99 (REST OF WORLD) INCLUDING worldwide postage.

        Vincent van Gogh Armand Roulin 24 Inch Canvas Print

        • Canvas Size: 24" x 20" inches
        • Image Size: 20" x 16" inches
        • Date: 2000s (Modern)

        Just bought a few of these from an art company and they are stunning. I think because of their big size - the power of the canvas print is amazing. The scan above cannot possibly do it justice - the actual piece is dynamic, vibrant and just a work of art in itself. The canvas print is a 1000 times better than an ordinary print - it looks like, er, a canvas picture!

        Stunning fine art giclée reproduction 'old-master' print on canvas.

          Giclée (pron. 'jee-clay') - a process for printing fine-art using very fine droplets of ink to produce very accurate reproductions.

        Giclee on Canvas

        One of the major benefits of the Giclée process is the ability to print on real artists canvas. The result is stunning, vibrant colour reproduction combined with the texture of real canvas – prints that look just like an original work of art.

        My personal favourite van Gogh prints are the smaller, cotton canvas prints. The attention to detail and quality make them the best art prints I have ever seen. You can view these here.

        But if size matters then these 24 inch ones are the ones for you and are far better than a poster.

        Canvas size: 24" x 20" inches
        Image size: 20" x 16" inches

        All about the canvas prints...

          []  Vivid colours guaranteed for up to 200 years
          []  Printed on heavy, gallery-quality, primed canvas
          []  Ready for framing
          []  Bright and true colour reproduction
          []  Much more beautiful in real life - you will be amazed at the colours!
          []  Money-back guarantee on canvases if you're not delighted

      • July 2016: My master printer has retired sadly so these prints will never be available again. Such a shame as they were exquisite little prints but the printer gave me no warning of his retirement so I couldn't persuade him to continue or find a way of taking over the printing. The result is these prints are no more. I'm a little sad as I really believed in the quality of these prints but such is life.

      • I know that quality wise there are some great art printers around - you just have to look around. The one I use these days and I can 100% recommend in terms of the quality of the print are those from bibliografi. I've bought many prints from them over the years and have always been impressed with the quality. bibliografi may be a bit more expensive but surely it is best to pay a little bit more and be assured of a quality print than cutting corners. Ditto for other great printers.

        But there are other great printers out there and once you find them just keep hold of them. A beautiful work of art when reproduced faithfully can be one of the most beautiful sites around.

        bibliografi store @ ebay (direct link to store)

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