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the night cafe

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 2012: canvas print details

Canvas Size: 18 x 12 inches (approx.) (unframed)
Image Size: 13.25 x 10.5 inches (approx.)
Date: 2000s (Modern)

 canvas print details

Just bought a few of these from an art company in Glasgow and this is their blurb:

Fine Quality Reproduction
This is a stunning reproduction on canvas of the original painting by the above artist. We describe every reproduction which we create as a "Outstanding". You may think this to be a rather grand claim, but with our rigorous attention to detail allied with the very latest in technology, we doubt that you will disagree when you see the finished product.

Latest Technology
All of our prints are reproduced using the very latest technology which yields spectacular reproductions. We use only the finest quality 100% cotton canvas which would look perfect in any home.

Attention to Detail
Using contemporary historical information we digitally remaster every reproduction to produce an enhanced image. We have endeavoured to create a reproduction as the artist would have intended his work to have been displayed at the time when it was painted.

On inspection, I was pleasantly surprised. They are good and let's face it it, it is really hard to find her prints. The one I got for myself I am more than pleased with.

Canvas Size: 18 x 12 inches (approx.); Image Size: 13.25 x 10.5 inches (approx.)

Sent rolled in a hard tube to avoid damage. Unstretched.

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Condition: new and unframed. Sent in a hard tube to avoid damage.

July 2016: My master printer has retired sadly so these prints will never be available again. Such a shame as they were exquisite little prints but the printer gave me no warning of his retirement so I couldn't persuade him to continue or find a way of taking over the printing. The result is these prints are no more. I'm a little sad as I really believed in the quality of these prints but such is life.

Please be really careful about buying a van Gogh canvas print and don't assume that the photo on a website is the quality of the actual print. Believe me (and to my cost), I've checked on many sites, bought from numerous art dealers and the quality of van Gogh prints can be absolutely brilliant but can also be absolutely diabolical. Some of these prints are, quite frankly, a disgrace. Enough is enough. The worst culprits will appear here shortly. One particular long-standing UK art company irritate the hell out of me. Pretentious to the extreme in their description of their 'techniques', their destruction of artworks with their reproductions on a daily basis beggars belief. Total morons.

They write something like this: "We spend a considerable amount of time contemplating and meditating over our canvas prints. So much so that we transport ourselves back to the exact time the masters were creating the originals. Seen Leonardo's Last Supper? We were there by his shoulder. And that intimacy, that journey into the depths of ourselves, is reflected in the depth of our prints"...Blah blah blah.

Eat your Snickers, 'master printer'. You sound like a Russian novelist when you're hungry. Better?

The only thing this 'master printer' is contemplating is whether to have fries with that big mac and the work of DiCaprio in Titanic is about as close to a Leonardo they will get. For goodness sake, they can't even stop their images being blurry which for a 'master printer' is kind of important, don't you think? And this is from an Art Company who have been churning out these rubbish prints for years. Unbelievable.

The 'master printer' is still blathering on: "I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of sound and vision". Mate, your prints are more Laughing Gnome than Heroes.

I know that quality wise there are some great art printers around - you just have to look around. The one I use these days and I can 100% recommend in terms of the quality of the print are those from bibliografi. I've bought many prints from them over the years and have always been impressed with the quality. bibliografi may be a bit more expensive but surely it is best to pay a little bit more and be assured of a quality print than cutting corners. Ditto for other great printers.

But there are other great printers out there and once you find them just keep hold of them

bibliografi store @ ebay (direct link to store)

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