Anthony Harvey

        D R A M A

        Historical drama. 1974. UK. Colour. 100 minutes.

        The first thing to say about the film is the stellar cast, in particularly Liv Ullmann who is the only actress I know with enough screen presence to dare to step into the Queen Christina role after the greatest movie star ever, Greta Garbo, almost made it her own. I can't think of a more intriguingly beautiful movie star of the 1970s as her. A face made for the camera. Peter Finch is always watchable no matter how indifferent the film or the script. And a personal faourite of mine, Kathleen Byronas the Queen Mother. She would've been over 50 when the film was made and though a small role and though not hypnotic as her role in Black Narcissus she is nevertheless well worth catching. It's all in the eyes.

        Queen Christina Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689) abdicates and travels to Rome to embrace the Catholic church.. She undergoes an inquisition from Cardinal Peter Finch. Now this has always had mixed reviews over the years, particularly because the director Anthony Harvey's direction was mediocre at best (you imagine a Jean Cocteau, say, and what he would have done with this cast and you realise how mediocre Harey was). But the stars held my attention throughout and I did enjoy it.

        3 stars out of 5.

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