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        You choose the page you want to advertise on and whether it be a text ad or a banner ad. From experience, ads work best when they are revelant to the page in question. So if you are an artist similar in style to say a Leonora Carrington or Frida Kahlo and have work to sell and/or a website or social media page to promote then then an ad on those pages would benefit you. Maybe you have art related products to sell then say something like this popular Picasso page may work for you. Or a music-related page in which case this Beatles page could be for you.

        Chances are you have arrived on this page from a page on the site that has interested you enough to visit. It could be of an artist, writer, actor or musician. Whatever. If you have something related to that subject then advertising on that page could be right for you.

        I started adding the 'ShareThis' buttons to individual pages from the start of April 2014 partly to give you an idea on how popular that page is. For example, Beatles Price Guide for LPs has 25 thousand shares! That, right, twenty five thousand as of April 2015.

        Just some other pages at random:

        Beatles Price Guide - 11,800 Shares (April 2015)
        Antonin Artaud - 1,000+ Shares (April 2015)
        Daily Mail War Fascimile Edition May 1945 - 22,000+ Stumbleupon (April 2015)

        Just a couple of 1,000s of pages for you to choose from. It's mostly quality content you won't find anywhere else. Believe me, having looked around, the content is superior to anything else you will find - the cut and paste jobbies.

        One of the problems of using a third party agency is the feeds are not really that great. I mean if you are looking at a Picasso page are you really interested in hair loss?? I know Picasso wouldn't be as he died 35 years ago!

        You just say where you want you ad to go on the page, whether as part of any text or a place above or below a picture, indeed anywhere on the page you desire. You start by clicking here ( to open an e-mail, tell me what you want to put on a web page with the address of the page you want it to go on ( etc.), and how long you want it to go on that page for.

        Text ads seem to be popular. You just pick the keyword or phrases on a page and they are linked. Why not try it out for a month?

        The introductory price for April 2015 is $1.50 US Dollars per week per link/1.00 UK Sterling. Minimum advertising period is a month ($6.00/4.00) and maximum is a year ($78.00/48.00). Ads go live once payment has cleared or a specific date set by you.

        Payment can be made via paypal or to Lenin Imports by cheque, po, money order, cash by registered mail. For post orders:


          Lenin Imports
          5 High Street
          South Norwood
          SE25 6EP
          United Kingdom

        E-mail to confirm payment has been sent, details of advertising and dates advertising is to go live. I am in the UK.

        You can search the site by clicking here.

        - Paul Page (Apr. 15)


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