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    Movie Poster [2000s]

  • Type: Reproduction Posters
  • Sized: 11 x 14 Inches to 27 x 40 Inches


    Sir Alec Guinness's career in movies spanned something like 50 years and is perfectly captured in the film posters. From Lean to the Ealing classics, back to Lean, to Greene, to Le Carre and, of course, one George Lucas - it's as varied as can be. From leading man to strong supporting actor, from serious to comedy, his is career that a wall of posters reveals just how astonishing it was
    - PAUL PAGE, 2019

I started collecting Alec Guinness reproduction film posters as they were a lot less expensive than the original promo posters - made at the time of the film. Sure the originals are magical - invariably the ones I've seen have had damage as they were usually stored badly but that adds to their charm - but when you are talking 100s of pounds for one poster - well it was out of my price range. Try finding any of the original Ealing classic posters cheaply.

Repro posters sanctioned by the relevant film studio are usually the best quality. You just have to do your own research.


The posters are in various sizes. From 11 x 14 Inches to 27 x 40 Inches. (direct link to Alec Guinness posters)




  • AVAILABLE: (direct link to Alec Guinness posters)

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