Buster Keaton

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The Complete Short Films 1917-1923

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    Actors: Fatty Arbuckle, Buster Keaton
    Director: Buster Keaton
    Format: Box set, PAL
    Language: English
    Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
    Number of discs: 4

    Classification: U
    Studio: Eureka Entertainment
    DVD Release Date: 20 Nov 2006
    Run Time: 700 minutes

  • Containing thirty-two films – with a running time of over 740 minutes – this collection documents Buster Keaton’s short films between 1917-1923.

    Capturing Keaton’s first steps in front of a camera this box set charts his early association with ex-Keystone Kop Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle through to starring in, headlining, and directing his own box office smash hits. Using Chaplin’s old Hollywood studios in 1920, Keaton’s sophisticated technical inventiveness coupled with his haunted-yet-handsome ‘Stone Face’ persona, created a succession of the most timeless, classic comedy shorts ever realised. The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present the following films in a four-disc box set, with audio commentary by Joseph McBride on six of the films, and a 180-page book:

      The Butcher Boy (1917)
      The Rough House (1917)
      His Wedding Night (1917)
      Oh, Doctor! (1917)
      Coney Island (1917)
      Out West (1918)
      The Bell Boy (1918)
      Moonshine (1918)
      Good Night Nurse (1918)
      The Cook (1918)
      Backstage (1919)
      The Hayseed (1919)
      The Garage (1919)
      The “High Sign”* (finished 1920, released 1921)
      One Week* (1920)
      Convict 13* (1920)
      The Scarecrow (1920)
      Neighbors (1920)
      The Haunted House (1921)
      Hard Luck (1921)
      The Goat (1921)
      The Playhouse* (1921)
      The Boat* (1921)
      The Paleface (1922)
      Cops* (1922)
      My Wife’s Relations (1922)
      The Blacksmith (1922)
      The Frozen North (1922)
      Daydreams (1922)
      The Electric House (1922)
      The Balloonatic (1923)
      The Love Nest (1923)

      *features audio commentary

    • Special 4-disc box set
    • 32 films
    • Over 700 minutes running time plus extras
    • Specialist audio commentary on 6 films by Joseph McBride
    • Music accompaniment (a mixture of solo piano / full band arrangements) by Neil Brand, Brian Benison, and Gaylor Carter.
    • 184-page accompanying book containing a roundtable discussion on Keaton by Brad Stevens, Jean-Pierre Coursodon, Dan Sallitt.

      USA | 740 min.
      1.33:1 OAR
      black & white

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