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The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Dvd
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Cabinet of Dr Caligari Dvd

    Single Disc [2004]

  • Actors: Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt, Friedrich Feher, Lil Dagover, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski
  • Director: Robert Wiene
  • Writers: Carl Mayer, Hans Janowitz
  • Producers: Erich Pommer, Rudolf Meinert
  • Format: Black & White, DVD-Video, Silent, NTSC
  • Language: English

  • Region: All Regions
  • Aspect Ratio:Number of Discs: 1
  • Classification: Unrated
  • Run Time: 70 minutes

    See scans for full details of any extra features or details of subtitles if any that can be found on this edition.

    Official release. Released by Delta 018111234092. 82 340.

    Dvd also includes frameable reproduction of the original movie poster inside (see scans below for more details) ~ BACK COVER


  • This eerie German classic not only stands as a landmark of the silent film era, but also remains one of the most famous examples of German Expressionism in the emerging art of cinema.

    Due to age, these vintage classics may show some slight imperfections. They have been Digitally Mastered from the best available sources for the highest quality possible.

    As one of the first horror films to gain international praise, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, renowned for its highly-stylized, fantastic sets and even more bizarre performances, tells the twisted tale of a gangly sleepwalker named Cesare (Conrad Veidt) under the spell of the sinister and mysterious Dr. Caligari (Werner Krauss). As a number of brutal and mysterious murders begin to darken the horizon of a quiet German town, the hunt begins for the root of such peculiar and seemingly unmotivated deaths. The police believe they have caught the culprit and have him safely locked away; however, nothing is as it seems. The murders all spring from the same place - the cabinet of one strange man, one doctor Caligari.

    Most widely known for its innovative and effective mise-en-scene, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari truly stands as a milestone of silent cinema for a myriad of reasons. First, there its treatment of the subconscious mind. The look of the film expresses the inner feelings of the character - a novel concept in the early era of cinema, but one that is widely used today, much in part due to Caligari's innovation. As one of the most famous examples of German Expressionidm, the film uses jagged geometric shapes, twisted structures, and warped perspectives to convey the evil and equally distorted psychology of the main character. The pale and overly thin Cesare, with his sleek black leotard, dark eye make-up, and strange, stealthy walk, sets the stage for future killer robot and attack zombie movies. In fact, later horror films whose plots enter on mad-scientists, as well as film noirs and psychological thrillers, owe much of their sucess from this film's unique style and treatment of the dark side of the human mind. For these reasons, among many others, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari still holds up as a marvel of imagination and a gem of the cinema.


    July 2014: back in stock.

    Below are scans from the UK dvd. Useful to look at the back cover for details such as subtitles and special features sometimes missed in the text above. Time and again 'product descriptions' are wrong or are missing crucial information so it's really worth checking the scans below. If subtitles aren't mentioned on the back cover then they won't be on the Dvd. Click on each for bigger scans.

    Condition: New - still sealed. More details here.

    D V D

    Cabinet of Dr Caligari Dvd
    Enlarge Image

    Cabinet of Dr Caligari Dvd
    Enlarge Image

    Cabinet of Dr Caligari Dvd
    Enlarge Image

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