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Blue Planet : Complete BBC Series (Special Edn 4 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
D V D  S E T

The Blue Planet is the first ever comprehensive series on the natural history of the world’s oceans.

    'Includes 3 new programmes: The Abyss, Dive To Shark Volcano & Amazon Abyss.'
    - BBC

The Blue Planet, narrated by Sir David Attenborough is an epic new guide to the strange and spectacular denizens of our world's vast oceans...more

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    Release Date: 03-10-2005
    Format: DVD
    Number of Discs: 4
    Catalogue Number: BBCDVD1792
    Label: BBC Video


Blue Planet

We know less about the oceans than we do about the surface of the moon, yet the sea covers two-thirds of our planet. From the familiar to the unknown, The Blue Planet reveals the sea and its communities at their most fearsome and alluring. The Blue Planet has taken 5 years to film by the BBC's celebrated Natural History Unit. Over the course of eight episodes it focuses on every type of marine landscape.

The Blue Planet chronicles the mysteries of the deep; coastline populations; sea mammals; tidal and climatic influences and the complete biological system that relies on and revolves around the world's oceans. All eight episodes of this incredible BBC television series are available in this Dvd set.

This Definitive Natural History of the World's Oceans...

Covers everything from popular shores and teeming shallows to the mysterious open depths. Two-thirds of the planet is covered by the oceans and yet they remain largely unexplored and certainly under-filmed. The TV series Blue Planet changes all that and subsequently changes our views of the deep. Advances in underwater photography have opened the doors to unknown territories never before explored.

Narrated by David Attenborough

The extraordinary images of this marine epic reveal the sea at its most fearsome and alluring, exposing some of its best kept secrets. Enter a world of breathtaking beauty and discover new species, visit unseen habitats and witness stories of survival never caught on camera before.

Accompanied by a superb soundtrack from the award-winning composer George Fenton, this DVD is further enhanced by the technical brilliance of the film and sound quality.

The Abyss sends cameras to the last great frontier on our planet – the deep sea – to reveal an amazing world including rare footage of the most incredible sea-life.

Amazon Abyss searches the river’s hidden depths to find primitive dolphins, giant pink electric knifefish, giant black piranha and other astonishing creatures.

Dive to Shark Volcano ventures to Cocos Island, an underwater volcano whose waters are a haven for sharks.As cameras reach new depths, we witness shark behaviour from the heart of the action.

Special Features:

  • Making Waves: the making of Blue Planet
  • Deep Trouble: ecological documentary
  • Blue: theatrical short
  • Exclusive interviews with the production team
  • Photo gallery


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