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The Life Collection (24 Disc BBC Dvd Box Set)
D V D  S E T

This box set contains all of David Attenborough's Life series - the greatest and most beautiful nature documentaries ever made.

    'Astonishing footage combined with Attenborough's boundless enthusiasm for the Natural World make this box set a must see before you die.'
    - Paul Page

Sir David Attenborough's epic series Life, spread out over 24 discs on this amazing box set...more

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    Release Date: 05-12-2005
    Format: DVD
    Number of Discs: 24
    Catalogue Number: BBCDVD1876
    Label: BBC Video

Dvd Boxset

  • Life on Earth offers a chronological account of the flora and fauna of planet Earth over a period of 3,500 million years.

  • The Living Planet: An ambitious 12-part documentary that spanned the globe with portraits of each of the major geographical regions that offer a home to life.

  • Trials of Life: Originally broadcast in 1990, it examines animal behaviour in all its infinite variety and in doing so we are allowed to witness some of the most enchanting animal personalities, as will as some of the most fearsome.

  • Life in the Freezer reveals incomparable standards of natural history filming to trace Antartica's seasonal cycle from the long winter months when the formation of ice almost doubles its surface area, to the brief summer when the race to breed really heats up.

  • The Private Life of Plants: David Attenborough takes us through each aspect of plants' lives travelling, growing, flowering, their struggle with other plants and animals, and the ingenious way they adapt to even the harshest of conditions.

  • The Life of Birds presents a fascinating and exciting view of the world of birds, the largest animal group on earth, in a series of ten fifty-minute episodes.

  • The Life of Mammals looks at why mammals are the most successful creatures on the planet.

  • Life in the Undergrowth: here Attenborough shows us not just bugs, beetles and creepy-crawlies, but scorpions and centipedes, mites and mantids, spiders and dragonflies.

    DVD SET:

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