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  • First Transmitted: 2 February 1982, BBC (UK)

  • David Bowie ... Baal
  • Robert Austin ... Mech
  • Jonathan Kent ... Eckart
  • Russell Wootton ... Piller
  • Julian Wadham ... Johannes
  • Juliet Hammond ... Emilie
  • Wally Thomas ... 1st cab driver
  • Roy Evans ... 2nd cab driver
  • Michael Miller ... Horgauer
  • Sylvia Brayshay ... Louise
  • Tracey Childs ... Johanna
  • Paola Dionisotti ... Porter's wife
  • Zoë Wanamaker ... Sophie
  • Polly James ... Soubrette

    Baal Texts

    7" Gatefold Slv. Inner Notes

    Dusty and scabby after years on the road, this pair of asocial artists come back to the town and to the pub where Baal first sang. Business is flourishing there, but the ex-student and Baal's two discarded women have gone a long way downhill and lost whatever sensitivity and fastidiousness they once had. As Baal again sings - strongly as ever.

    Eckart starts necking the more sodden of the two women, till in a fit of jealously Baal kills him.

    The story ends with the hunted murderer disappearing into the forests and collapsing woth pneumonia in a woodcutters'camp. There he dies on his feet, still reaching for the sky.

    Baal and Hammond

    The play and the 5 songs from the play Bowie later recorded in Hansa Studios, Berlin with Tony Viscounti were both crtically well received. The public in the UK enjoyed what was never the most commercial of Bowie's releases with the EP getting into the Top 30.

    Juliet Hammond featured and she was famous then on the back of her Secret Army fame. She seems to have retired from TV in the late 80s as it is very difficult to find news on her.

    Baal EP Track listing

  • "Baal’s Hymn" (Brecht/Muldowney) – 4:02
  • "Remembering Marie A" (Traditional, adapted by Brecht/Muldowney) – 2:07
  • "Ballad of the Adventurers" (Brecht/Muldowney) – 2:01
  • "The Drowned Girl" (Brecht/Weill) – 2:26
  • "The Dirty Song" (Brecht/Muldowney) – 0:38

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