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The Elephant Man Japanese Movie Poster
M O V I E   I C O N O G R A P H Y

An example of one of the posters released to promote the iconic film, The Elephant Man at the time or its release on various formats like video or Dvd...more

    Movie Poster [2000s]

  • Type: Reproduction Poster
  • Sized: 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm
    A promotional poster for one of the various releases of this celebrated film. This image is so beautiful, with the text like a Holy script and the picture like a painting. And the nervous eye of the Elephant Man, so stressed, so nervous and always on guard to a cruel world beyond the cape - a world as cruel and nasty today as it was in Victorialand... - PAUL PAGE

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My main aim in creating these pages is to place bigger scans on these pages as soon as I have time of each poster as I think the film posters do look beautiful when they are shown as big as possible. Size does matter in this case. Plus I want to show them against a black background as I think they look far more striking than against a neutral background (the artist and architect Hundertwasser always advocated having his work shown against a black background).


The posters are in various sizes. From 11 x 14 Inches to 27 x 40 Inches.




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They come up from time to time on amazon.co.uk and a link to their Elephant Man poster page is here.


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