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    girlschool name printed patch
    Girlschool ~ Name Printed Patch.
    Enlarge Image. NO LONGER MADE - 2016 just 1 in stock. Very Good condition.

    4.99 UK Sterling (Worldwide Delivery).

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    M E M O R A B I L I A

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    Girlschool ~ Name Printed Patch

    Rare 1980s memorabilia.
    3.4" by 2.4" inches approx.

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    P A T C H

    girlschool name printed patch girlschool name printed patch

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    P A T C H

    Though a vintage patch it has never been used. 2016: 1 in stock.

  • Price: 4.99 (UK Sterling) (Includes Worldwide postage & packaging).

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