1935                 Silent melodrama

   US      BW      84mins   

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    • Rochelle Hudson Anna Moore
    • Henry Fonda David Bartlett
    • Slim Summerville Constable Seth Holcomb
    • Edward Trevor Lennox Sanderson
    • Margaret Hamilton Martha Perkins
    • Russell Simpson Squire Bartlett
    • Spring Byington Mrs Bartlett


  • Dir:
      Henry King
  • Scr:
      Howard Estabrook, William Huribut, from the 1920 film by Anthony Paul Kelly


         W a y  D o w n  E a s t

    Rated: NR

      Fifteen years after the silent collaboration of DW Griffith and Lillian Gish, Fox handed a sound version to Henry King and Rochelle Hudson, with Henry Fonda in the Richard Barthelmess role. King's work is all right, especially his re-creation of the ice-river climax, but Hudson is no match for Gish, leaving the honours to the great man Fonda in a much smaller role. The major problem lies in the material which, by the mid-1930s, played as outmoded period melodrama.

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