Mr & Mrs Smith
Alfred Hitchcock (1941)

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1941, 90 MINS, US

  • Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Prod: Harry E. Edington (exec.)
  • Scr: Norman Krasna
  • Ph: Harry Stradling
  • Ed: William Hamilton
  • Mus: Edward Ward
  • Art Dir: Van Nest Polglase, L.P. Williams



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    Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery are teamed successfully here in a light and gay marital farce, with accent on the laugh side through generation of continual bickering of the pair.

    The Smiths (Lombard and Montgomery) are happily though battlingly married. A bantering question, 'If you had to do it all over would you marry me' and the obvious husbandly reply of 'No', starts things going. Advised that the three-year-old marriage is void because of legal technicalities, Mrs Smith tosses Mr Smith out of the house. Then the yarn develops into a run-around with Mr making continual stabs to recapture his wife, while his law partner, (Gene Raymond) is a ready victim of her advances aimed at inspiring jealousy.

    Alfred Hitchcock pilots the story in a straight farcical groove with resort to slapstick interludes or overplaying by the characters. Pacing his assignment at a steady gait, Hitchcock catches all of the laugh values from the above par script of Norman Krasna.