1966                     Spy thriller

       US      Colour      122mins   

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    • Paul Newman Professor Michael Armstrong
    • Julie Andrews Sarah Sherman
    • Lila Kedrova Countess Kuchinska
    • Hansjoerg Felmy [Hansjorg Felmy] Heinrich Gerhard
    • Tamara Toumanova Ballerina
    • Ludwig Donath Professor Gustav Lindt
    • Wolfgang Kieling Hermann Gromek
    • Gunter Strack Professor Karl Manfred


  • Dir/Prod:
  • Scr:
      Brian Moore, from his story
  • Ph:
      John F. Warren
  • Ed:
      Bud Hoffman
  • Mus:
      John Addison
  • Art Dir:
      Hein Heckroth




    [ t o r n  c u r t a i n : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

    vhs dvd

    Classification: dvd

    What looked in its day to be a failure and a disappointment to fans of Alfred Hitchcock does, at least, contain one of the maestro's most compelling sequences. "I wanted to show how difficult it is to kill someone," Hitch said, and, in a prolonged scene involving Paul Newman played without dialogue he certainly does.

    It's the high spot in a remarkably ridiculous Cold War thriller, very much of its period, with phoney locations, phonier (although admittedly deliberate) back projection, and, phoniest of all, the casting of Newman and Julie Andrews as an alleged American defector and his fiancee. If there was any chemistry between the stars, it certainly doesn't show on the screen.

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