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Angels one five
U K  D V D

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Just a personal observation but Kenley Aerodrome, where much of the film was filmed (as was Reach for the Sky a few years later), is worth a visit. Though most of the original buildings have long since gone, lost forever, the airfield is well preserved and if you stand there and half close your eyes, you can imagine it as it was, a major fighter station in the 2nd World War. But was this war really in colour? Such is the power of this B&W movie it's hard to imagine there was ever colour in those days... UK Dvd Gallery added.

Angels one five Dvd

Single Disc [2008]

Actors: John Gregson, Jack Hawkins, Dulcie Gray, Michael Denison, Cyril Raymond
Director: George More O'Ferrall
Producer: John W. Gossage
Dvd Region: 2 Pal (UK & Europe)
Certificate: U
Running Time: Approx. 98 minutes
Audio: English

Format: PAL B/w
Release Date: 2008

Released in the UK by Optimum Home Entertainment.

    In his own way, a British way, Jack Hawkins in the 1950s had a screen presense every bit as magnetic as a Marlon Brando or Clark Gable. This movie is proof of that. ~ PAUL PAGE


Amongst the very best of the Battle of Britain war epics and one informed by director George More O'Ferrall's own WWII experience at Fighter Command HQ, Angels One Five offers a slice-of-life depiction of aerial combat.

The title refers to the cognomen bestowed upon a group of British fighter pilots whose squadron leader, Tiger Small (Jack Hawkins) is taken out of commission after an accident. Despite the protests from his fellow flyboys, Tiger insists upon taking to the air again, thereby setting the stage for the film's exciting and inspirational finale.

The tense, nervous atmosphere is expertly created by the device of having most of the action take place off-screen with the progress of the principal characters relayed via radio reports and control-room charts.


December 2016: back in stock.

Below are scans from the UK. Useful to look at back cover for details such as subtitles and special features sometimes missed in the text above. Click on each for bigger scans.

Condition: Used - very good.


Angels one five Dvd
Enlarge Image

Angels one five Dvd
Enlarge Image

Angels one five Dvd
Enlarge Image

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Dec. 16: back in stock. 'Used - very good'.

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