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Jake Auerbach
Dvd (2018)
Jake Auerbach

amazon.co.uk [DVD] (direct link to dvd)
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Directors: Jake Auerbach

Format: PAL

Language: English

Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)

Number of discs: 1

Classification: Exempt

Studio: Demand Media

DVD Release Date: 23 July 2018

Promotional Blurb:

Frank Auerbach, works seven days a week and has the reputation of being something of a hermit. In the past this has only been fairly true; he saw films, went to the theatre and spent time with friends but these days he rarely leaves his small corner of North London.

So when an exhibition of his work opened in the Kunstmuseum Bonn before travelling to Tate Britain, film maker Jake Auerbach decided to go and film the show so that his father could see how it looked ... they set up a projector and filmed his responses to seeing the work after a break of anything up to 60 years.

The result is a film that unfolds an obsessive painters personal manifesto (citing references as diverse as Morecambe & Wise, Gauguin and Shakespeare) which is woven into the relationship between father and son.

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For years, Jake Auerbach Films have brought us documentary gems on the lives of artists who, if they didn't, would never have appeared, I'm sure. Docus on the lives of artists, however important, however great, are hardly box office blockbusters, so for someone to do so needs as much support as we can possibly give.

I've seen most of the Jake Auerbach Films and loved the Lucian Freud one (the reclusive artist even made an appearance), the magical world of Paula Rego, but it's the two that he made of his father than are the most special to me. There is absolutely no way that anyone else could have gained such access to, let's face it, the most important living British Artist. To discover his world, to see his world, to understand the context of how these sublime works come to life ... well, it 's just priceless to anyone like me who has loved his work for years. To the studio, in and beyond...

Imagine a world without Jake Auerbach Films. You know, just staid BBC-esque Art documentaries with presenters who present themselves with the work of the artist reduced to the backdrop of the ego. These docmentaries, on the other hand, are made without a hint of ego, just about the subject matter, and that alone gives these films a right to be. That they are fascinating relics of lives of important artists is a bonus..

I don't know Jake personally but he is obviously not doing it for the money because I wouldn't have thought there's a big audience for them. He must be doing it because he believes they deserve to be seen. 100% agree. But he's such a skilled filmmaker, drawing us in to these worlds of the great artists, that it's an absolute delight to go with him on this journey.

So I would ask anyone with the faintest interest of these artists to buy one of his dvds, often for less than a price of a McDonalds! The more we can help to sale the more chance we have of him making more of these films. I would love him to do something on Auerbach's great friend, Leon Kossoff, recently departed but who will be never forgotten.

Jake Auerbach Films Dvds are @ amazon.co.uk (direct link to Dvds)

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Biography   Biography II   Gallery   1998 Interview   Latest News   Old Website   Books

About Jake Auerbach Films

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