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  1. Johnny Cash - America - A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song Cassette, Album (UK) (1972) np

  2. Johnny Cash - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen Cassette, Compilation (UK) np

  3. Johnny Cash - The Best Of San Quentin To Folsom Cassette, Compilation (UK) (1995) np

  4. Johnny Cash - Biggest Hits Cassette, Compilation (UK) (1983) np

  5. Johnny Cash - Boom Chicka Boom Cassette, Album, Club Edition (US) (1990) np

  6. Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues Vol.1 Cassette, Compilation, Stereo, Paper Labels (UK) np

  7. Johnny Cash - John R. Cash Cassette, Album (UK) (1975) np

  8. Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash At San Quentin Cassette, Album, Reissue (Europe) np

  9. Johnny Cash - The Johnny Cash Collection 2 Cassette, Compilation (UK) np

  10. Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line Cassette, Album, Stereo np

  11. Johnny Cash - The Mystery Of Life Cassette, Album (Europe) (1991) np

  12. Johnny Cash - 16 Biggest Hits Volume II Cassette, Compilation (US) (2001) np

  13. Johnny Cash - Starportrait Cassette, Compilation, Reissue (UK) np

  14. Johnny Cash - Strawberry Cake Cassette, Album (UK) (1976) np

  15. Johnny Cash - A Thing Called Love Cassette, Album, Stereo, No NR (US) (1972) np

  16. Johnny Cash - The Very Best Of Cassette, Compilation (UK) (1984) np

  17. Johnny Cash - Water From The Wells Of Home Cassette, Album (Netherlands) (1988) np


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