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schnabel schnabel schnabel

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    An insider's look at the kinetic New York art world, told through the life story of Jean-Michel Basquiat. A black, 19-year-old graffiti artist who catapulted to superstardom with his controversial paintings, Basquiat rubbed elbows with the likes of Andy Warhol and Julian Schnabel before burning out permanently at the age of 27. Schnabel, himself a celebrated figure in the art world, makes his directing debut. Shown in competition at the 1996 Venice Film Festival.

    Released theatrically in New York City August 9, 1996.

    Color by DuArt.

    Directorial debut for Julian Schnabel.

    Additional cast: Chuck Pfeiffer (Tom Kruger).

    Additional credits: Peter Brant, Joseph Allen, Michiyo Yoshizaki (executive producers).

    Story developed by Michael Thomas Holman.

    At age 19, Jean Michel Basquiat was a poor, struggling graffiti artist. Eight years later, he was one of the most famous, acclaimed painters in the world -- and dead of a heroin overdose. "Basquiat" details the tumultuous years in between, concentrating on his meteoric rise within Soho's trendy art world. The charismatic but self-destructive Basquiat had his share of personal demons, including his mother's mental illness, and his hatred of middle-class society... which courted and exploited him. The young artist's heroin addiction eventually led to his death, extinguishing a great talent in the process.

    "...Schnabel's exceptional film honors his friend by showing the act of creation as a natural high..."

    "...A surprisingly voluminous cast of usual suspects from the world of independent cinema..."

    "...Fascinating....[Wright] gives a vivid, near-poetic performance..." -- Rating: B+

    "...An illustrious cast of terrific actors that includes Benicio Del Toro, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper and, probably best of all, David Bowie in a brilliant Warhol impersonation..."

    "...As much an evocative thesis on creativity as a sensitive biography of a single artist....This is a bold, often beautiful film..."

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    [ C a s t ]

    Directed by
    Julian Schnabel

    Writing credits
    Lech Majewski (story) (as Lech J. Majewski) and
    John F. Bowe (story)

    Julian Schnabel

    Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

    Jeffrey Wright .... Jean Michel Basquiat
    Michael Wincott ....Rene Ricard
    Benicio Del Toro .... Benny Dalmau
    Claire Forlani .... Gina Cardinale
    David Bowie .... Andy Warhol
    Dennis Hopper .... Bruno Bischofberger
    Gary Oldman .... Albert Milo
    Christopher Walken .... The Interviewer
    Willem Dafoe .... The Electrician
    Jean-Claude La Marre .... Shenge
    Parker Posey .... Mary Boone
    Elina Löwensohn ....Annina Nosei
    Paul Bartel .... Henry Geldzahler
    Courtney Love .... Big Pink
    Tatum O'Neal .... Cynthia Kruger
    Chuck Pfeiffer .... Tom Kruger (as Chuck Pfeifer)
    Rockets Redglare .... Rockets
    Esther G. Schnabel .... Esther Milo
    Jack Schnabel .... Jack Milo
    Lola Schnabel .... Jacqueline Milo
    Peter McGough .... Peter McGough
    David McDermott .... David McDermott
    Michael Chow .... Michael Chow
    Stella Schnabel .... Stella Milo
    Steven Randazzo .... Giorgio, Maitre D' at Ballato's
    Michael Badalucco .... Counterman at Deli
    Francis Dumaurier .... Giorgio
    Joseph R. Gannascoli .... Guard at Hospital
    Hope Clarke .... Matilde
    Brian Wright .... Young Jean Michel
    Tarmo Urb .... Lech
    Denise Burse .... Mary on TV
    Robert Alexander .... Band Guy
    Vincent Laresca .... Vincent
    Nemo .... Nemo
    Leonard Jackson .... Jean Michel's Father
    David Shelley .... Photographer
    Fred Weller .... Frank (as Frederick Weller)
    Rene Rivera .... Juan
    Sam Rockwell .... Thug
    Ron Brice .... Thug
    William Seymour .... Mr. Chow's Maitre D'
    Richard Butler .... Medieval Villager
    Joe Glasco .... Medieval Villager
    Steven Parenago .... Medieval Villager
    Vladimir Parenago .... Medieval Villager
    José Luis Ferrer .... Medieval Villager
    Irene Kiss .... Medieval Villager
    Richard the Ox .... Medieval Villager

    rest of cast listed alphabetically

    Vincent Gallo .... Himself/Party Guest
    Julie Araskog .... Julie (uncredited)
    Olatz Lopez Garmendia .... Christine (uncredited)
    Melody Krell .... Waitress (uncredited)
    Linda Larkin .... Fan (uncredited)
    Paul Outlaw .... Paul (uncredited)

    Produced by
    Joseph Allen .... executive producer
    Peter Brant .... executive producer
    Jon Kilik .... producer
    Lech Majewski .... co-producer (as Lech J. Majewski)
    Randy Ostrow .... producer
    Sigurjon Sighvatsson .... producer
    Michiyo Yoshizaki .... executive producer

    Original Music by
    John Cale
    P.J. Harvey (song)
    Julian Schnabel

    Cinematography by
    Ron Fortunato

    Film Editing by
    Michael Berenbaum

    Casting by
    Sheila Jaffe
    Georgianne Walken

    Production Design by
    Dan Leigh

    Art Direction by
    C.J. Simpson

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