Julie Christie

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      Single Disc [2004]

    • Actors: Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn, Lee Grant, Jack Warden
    • Director: Hal Ashby
    • Format: PAL
    • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
    • Number of discs: 1
    • Classification: 18
    • Studio: Uca Catalogue
    • DVD Release Date: 16 Feb 2004

      DVD Features:

        ASIN: B0001E5TBU

    • The ego has landed! Warren Beatty. From the man who if Woody Allen believed in reincarnation would have come back as his fingerprints, Beatty gets to prove in this film how much of a stud he was and produces, co-writes and of course stars in the picture to labour the point. Popular in its day the film grossed more than $60 million at the box office. Delightfully amoral in a 1970s kind of way it doesn't entirely come together but its good to watch as, say, watching 1970s footballers in their, well, sinisterly tight fitting shorts and seemingly playing the game at constant tortoise-like action replay pace. Nostalgia, I suppose, is the word I'm looking for. There are striking moments, not least of which is Julie Christie's now classic appearance at a memorable dinner table. Nominated for four Oscars, it won one: best supporting actress for Lee Grant, who plays Beatty's married lover. The model for Beatty's crimper was widely believed to be Jon Peters, but was actually Jay Sebring who was killed in the Sharon Tate massacre, an event that's as forgotten now as the night on which Shampoo's action is set: 4 November 1968, the day Richard Nixon became president.

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