2 Vintage 1980s 10" x 8" photographs

    Marc Bolan 2 vintage 1980s 10
    MARC BOLAN ~ 2 vintage 1980s 10" x 8" photographs.
    Enlarge Image. NO LONGER MADE - 2016 just 1 set of 2 in stock. Still both sealed.

    24.99 UK Sterling (Worldwide Delivery).

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    M E M O R A B I L I A

    All images Estate of Marc Bolan

    MARC BOLAN ~ 2 vintage 1980s photographs

    Rare vintage memorabilia.
    10" x 8" inches approx

    Still in sealed bags. These were bought from the now defunct legendary novely shop in Kingston, Surrey. They sold music memorabilia in the 1980s and these are two of the items that was left over years later.

    The actual photos are alot better than the photos i've uploaded and any wrinkling is from the glare of the original sealed bags they came in. So this is from the early 1980s and I only have one of each.


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    Marc Bolan 2 vintage 1980s 10

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    Still in original sealed bags. 2016: 1 set of 2 photographs in stock.

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