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        Oh! What a Lovely War
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        What a directorial debut from Attenborough! Oh ! What a Lovely War can be described as so many things: sensational, fabulous, stupendous, exhilarating, shrewd, mocking, funny, emotional, witty, poignant and technically brilliant... UK Dvd Gallery added.

        Oh! What a Lovely War Dvd

          Single Disc [2006]

        • Format: Collector's Edition, PAL
        • Language: English
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Classification: PG
        • Run Time: 138 minutes

          Released in the UK by Paramount.

          It was the War to end all wars - well not quite. For with the ricochet of one bullet the entire course of human history was changed forever. Can you imagine if there had been no ricochet? What would have the last 100 years been like? No ricochet, no 1st World War, no Versailles Treaty, no German resentment, no Hitler, no 2nd World War, no East Germany, no Berlin Wall... and a railway service in the UK that was modern and up to date because there was money left over from 2 non-Wars to maintain it every few years or so. Ok the last one is trivial and a rubbish observation when so many lost their lives in those Wars but it highlights that even now that that ricochet still is felt ~ PAUL PAGE


        1969, 136 MINS, COLOUR, UK

      • A satire on war in which the song are an integral part of the message, it was shot entirely on location, in and around Brighton (based on Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workhop production, by Charles Chilton and members of the original cast, after a stage treatment by Ted Allan).

        The film is an indictment of war which never relies on violence. Sudden, brutal death in combatis omitted and far more effectively, is rammed home by the symbol of poppies for each death.

        The film shames jingoism, false heroics, vanity and stupidity in high places. It never lessens or denigrates the bravery of those who took part, but brilliantly pinpoints the collective stupidity tht made such a holocaust possible. The familiar wartime songs, sentiment, humour and satire are incorporated, but Attenborough has never allowed any to stretch a mood beyond its capacity.

        The film is seen through the eyes and family life of the humble Smith family, whose sons all go to war and are senselessly killed.

        While there was animosity behind the scenes - Len Deighton refused screen credit as the film's writer (precious or what?) - this remains a distinctive piece of work and by far (a county mile!) the most audacious film Attenborough has ever made.

        5 STARS OUT OF 5

        CAST & CREW

      • Director: Richard Attenborough
      • Writers: Charles Chilton (play), Len Deighton (screenplay)
      • Release Date: 10 March 1969 (UK)


      • Wendy Alnutt ... Flo Smith
      • Colin Farrell ... Harry Smith
      • Malcolm McFee ... Freddie Smith
      • John Rae ... Grandpa Smith
      • Corin Redgrave ... Bertie Smith
      • Maurice RoŽves ... George Smith
      • Paul Shelley ... Jack Smith
      • Kim Smith ... Dickie Smith
      • Angela Thorne ... Betty Smith
      • Mary Wimbush ... Mary Smith
      • Vincent Ball ... Australian Soldier
      • Pia Colombo ... Estaminet Singer
      • Paul Daneman ... Czar Nicholas II
      • Isabel Dean ... Sir John French's Lady
      • Christian Doermer ... Fritz

        (Accord Productions)


      • Feature Commentary: by director Richard Attenborough - his first ever for Dvd.

      • Documentaries: Featuring interviews with Richard Attenborough, Corin Skinner, Angela Thorn, Edward Fox, Susannah York. With footage from the movie and stills from the Paramount archive.

      • Wlcome to World War One

      • The Smith Family Album.

      • Keep The Home Fires Burning

      • Bayham Abbey, Lamberhurst, Kent, England (church)

      • Brighton Pavilion, Brighton, East Sussex, England

      • Brighton Station, Brighton, East Sussex, England

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        D V D

        Oh! What a Lovely War Dvd
        Enlarge Image

        Oh! What a Lovely War Dvd
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        Oh! What a Lovely War Dvd
        Enlarge Image

        Oh! What a Lovely War Dvd
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