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Mystical Surrealism 08

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Remedios Varo Mystical Surrealism 08 250gsm Gloss ART CARD A3 Reproduction Poster
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  • Date: 2010s
  • Framed/Unframed: Unframed
  • Dimensions: A3 - 420mm X 297mm


A wonderful Remedios Varo print/poster on 250gsm gloss art card.

For me, Remedios Varo, along with Leonora Carrington, is the most magical of the female Surrealists. Yes, Frida Kahlo is better known, but can you honestly tell me that her work is 'better'? Different, yes, but 'better'? Kahlo is more obvious, whatever she was feeling at the time she poured into her work; she kind of used a sledgehammer to make her point (though it was some sledgehammer). Varo's work is more ethereal, delicate and mystical. It takes you on a sweet journey into the subconscious. A beautiful journey through vast, mysterious and beautiful landscapes populated by strange birds, cats and people.

I'm not sure why Varo is not as famous as Kahlo today as once you see her work you will not forget it. She was the ultimate alchemist. I can only think that in the last 20 years or so she has been championed by the 'in' crowd, people like Madonna, and that championing has brought her work to people who would never have found it. Fair play and it's a good thing. Oh, and the great movie on her life, the lover affair with Diego, the affair with Trotsky, and the suffering in her life that makes the work all the more acute are other factors but the most important factor, I guess, is the most obvious: the work was so damn unforgettable.

But slowly but surely Varo is being found by more and more people. It is 'there', waiting to be discovered by the world.

Varo was good friends with Carrinton in Mexico and with her recent passing combined with that of Tanning's then there is no living link left with Varo. I think that is why I felt the deaths of these painters so acutely. They were strangers to me but they were great artists and contempories of Varo. Now there is nothing directly linking 'us' to her; everything & everyone is consigned to the past.

Only the work remains.

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    Remedios Varo Mystical Surrealism 08 250gsm Gloss ART CARD A3 Reproduction Poster
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