S E A  O F  S A N D
R E V I E W   /   B U Y   D V D


    • 2nd World War action adventure
      1958 / UK / BW / 94 mins

      • Richard Attenborough Trooper Brody
      • John Gregson Captain Williams
      • Michael Craig Captain Cotton
      • Vincent Ball Sergeant Nesbitt
      • Percy Herbert Trooper White
      • Barry Foster Corporal Matheson
      • Ray McAnally Sergeant Hardy

      • Dir Guy Green
      • Scr Robert Westerby, from a story by Sean Fielding


        Sea of Sand Smartphones Page

        Why oh why does this movie never reach the heights it should have? Never mind a sea of sand, a sea of mediocrity would be a more apt title.

        The answer lies simply in the poor choices of director and Michael Craig as one of the main characters. The director, Guy Green (b.1913), had been a leading British cameraman and his credits included Great Expectations and Oliver Twist. As a director his work largely sucked. Maybe a sweeping assumption but you go and watch 5 or 6 of his films back to bac and see if i'm not right!

        The story here is of a British desert patrol out to blow up an Axis fuel dump before the battle of El Alamein. The usual suspects are here and by and large deliver what you'd expect from the usual suspects: Attenborough, then in his mid-30s, delivers a solid grown-up Pinkie Brown with a heart kind of performance that he was especially good at before he hit middle-age almost overnight with his performance in The Great Escape five years later; 'solid' could almost be Gregson's middle name and here he's, er, solid; Foster proves what a good actor he was here before he settled into the cosiness of van der Valk. The problem is with Craig. He was the type of leading British man who was strictly second division. He just didn't have the presence to hold you and was rather cold. A bit like a poor man's Laurence Harvey. And here he delivers his usual slightly detached performance which just left me wanting more from the actor.

        This is filming by numbers. The ending is sentimental tosh; added on clumsily and is totally unbelievable. I won't give the ending away but suffice to say that solid as Gregson is what he does at the end is totally out of character with what he has done in the rest of the film.

        Enough said.

        The Dvd is rare and is really just for those like me with an avid interest of British cinema of that era.

        Paul Page (2007).

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        Sea of Sand Dvd

      • Actors: Richard Attenborough, Michael Craig, Andrew Faulds, Barry Foster, Vincent Ball
      • Directors: Guy Green

      • Format: Black & White, Full Screen, Mono, PAL
      • Language: English
      • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
      • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
      • Number of discs: 1
      • Classification: U
      • Studio: DD Home Entertainment
      • DVD Release Date: 27 Sep 2004
      • Run Time: 95 minutes

        Price: 29.99 / $ 59.99 (Shipped from UK)

        Also available: amazon.co.uk


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