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death - cloth patch (1980s)

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      We are in the UK and could be interested in your unwanted rock, pop & bikers patches.

      If you are interested in selling please e-mail by clicking here or copying and pasting our e-mail address (ihuppert5@aol.com) with patches you would like to sell and, if possible, scans of patches. If interested I will e-mail you back with offer prices for each patch. If you agree to the offer then upon receipt of patches a cheque will be sent within 24 hours or via paypal if from outside the UK.

      On top of the offer price I will also pay the postage to the value of the stamps on the envelope. It is recommended that you send the patches via recorded delivery postage within the UK. Postage from outside the UK will be the value of the stamps in UK Sterling with the exchange rate calculated via www.x-rates.com.

      Please do not send unsolicted patches as I can only buy once a price has been agreed per patch.

      Patches should be mint, new, or if not and they are used should be in 'as new' condition. If the patch is especially rare then I would consider it if it is a less than perfect condition but usually 'used' patches have no real sale-on value.

      Payment will be

      Last updated: May 2011.

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ac/dc | judas priest
kiss | rainbow | u2 | van halen

dio - cloth patch (1980s)

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