Movie Guide 1994
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        Variety Movie Guide 1994
        Variety Movie Guide 1994 - Front Cover | Enlarge Image

          Paperback: 912 pages
          Publisher: Hamlyn; Revised edition edition (28 Oct 1993)
          Language: English
          ISBN-10: 0600578984
          ISBN-13: 978-0600578987
          Product Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 2.75 inches approx


        This film guide includes the latest releases of 1993. Ordered A-Z by title, each of the 6500 reviews is approximately 200 words long, detailing the director through to the main cast and listing the Academy award-winners and nominees.


        As any movie maker like myself knows, critical fashions wax and wane but Variety never changes - hard-nosed, dedicated to the business (as well as the art) of cinema and unsparing in both its brickbats and bouquets. That is why we treasure it, even though - when directed at our own performances or productions - its wrath may distress us profoundly.

        As the world's longest-running newspaper dedicated to the entertainment industry, Variety is itself a crucial part of the history it has charted. The 5000 plus reviews extracted here from the past 80 years do not reflect the opinions of critics looking back from the present but, far more revealing, reflect the views of reporters who were there at the time. Some of them may surprise now; but they never fail to give valuable insight insight into how these movies were regarded during their age.

        And one of the great pleasures of reading Variety is, of course, its language. Trade paper it may be, but dry it never is. Colourful jargon like 'oater', 'helmet', 'lensing', 'pic' and 'thesping' makes its prose leap off the page with an immediacy that remains unequalled by any other movie publication. Indeed, many of these expressions have passed into the language without people being aware of their origin.

        Reading this new guide, I am reminded of my own first notice in Variety which appeared in 1947. The film, adapted from a Graham Greene novel and my seventh as a screen actor, is called The Man Within. It was the first technicolour movie to be made at Shepherd's Bush studios and I, still a rookie in my mid-20s, was fourth bill. I opened the paper and there, way down in the fifth paragraph of the review, were the words: 'Attenborough, as the coward who finds courage, has his moments'. Rightly or wrongly, I thought that Hollywood must surely be just around the corner!

        Richard Attenborough


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        Variety Movie Review Book 1994
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        Variety Movie Guide 1994
        Variety Movie Guide 1994 - Front Cover | Enlarge Image

        Variety Movie Guide 1994
        Variety Movie Guide 1994 - Back Cover | Enlarge Image

        Variety Movie Guide 1994
        Variety Movie Guide 1994 - Random Page | Enlarge Image

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        Variety Movie Guide 1994
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