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An Audience with Britt Tour
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The legendary beauty tells about her life - her childhood in Sweden, her big breaks, her doomed marriage to the comic superstar actor Peter Sellers, her subsequent relationships with Rod Stewart, George Hamilton and Lou Adler. And there's so much more to Britt than that ...

britt ekland

    An Audience With ... (2010)

    []  Birthname: Britt-Marie Eklund
    []  Born: October 6, 1942
    []  Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden
    []  Height: 5ft5

    []  Occupation: Swedish Actress
    []  Diagnosed with: Osteoporosis (2004)
    []  Fluent in: English, French, German

In association with Clive Conway.

    Icon, movie star, as famous for her love life as her films ... but who is she really?


In a candid and disarming show, the legendary beauty tells about her life – her childhood in Sweden, her big break, her doomed marriage to Peter Sellers, her subsequent relationships with Lou Adler and Rod Stewart, and her second marriage to Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats.

But there’s so much more to Britt than that. She is also the devoted mother of three children, and, having watched her beloved mother’s tragic disintegration, the patron of the Alzheimer’s Society. Still fabulous, she is not afraid of getting older, and her attitude to the process of ageing should be an inspiration to all women of a certain age.

The first half of the show will last approximately 50 minutes, after a short interval Britt will return for part two which will include the opportunity for questions from the audience.



M A Y  2 0 1 0

How unlucky am I? I attended the Croydon show on 18th May at the Ashcroft Theatre. Now the theatre can hold around 700 people and at this show there was around 40 people. So there was plenty of space but typical of my luck just before the lights dimmed an elderly man with bo came and sat right by me. Great as I had to watch the show with smellyvision but that's the way things are going for me at the moment. Perhaps my judgment was clouded by the fact the old guy pulled whilst I was there!! The only thing I pulled was a cigarette from my packet in the interval. What's more he only seemed interested in getting Britt to sign everything in his bag as at the questions stage at the end of the show he wanted to know precisely where in the building Britt would be signing his mountain of items. Britt didn't seem too keen for some reason ...

Well, I must admit, I'm not a great fan of these types of show and really don't subscribe to the concept. You know, famous talking heads just talking talking talking about, you've guessed it, themselves and nothing else ... and I wasn't alone in feeling trepidation about this type of show as I couldn't find any one who wanted to attend with me. Eveyone was suddenly busy and even my girlfriend cried off last minute with a stomach ache. But that may be saying more about my company than An Audience with Britt.

    So I approached the show without too much excitement. I bought a ticket last minute and waited in the darkness of the theatre with just a trickle of people coming in now and again to slightly disturb my faraway thoughts. It kind of felt depressing that when you looked round there was just rows and rows of empty seats.

That was the setting for this the 2nd date on the tour.

Well I was wrong. Britt bounced on stage and launched immediately into her life story. She looked as wonderful as ever, a woman years and years younger both in looks and deeds. But what surprised me was just how excellent a talker she is. She imbued each of her stories with her Swedish slant on things and each part of her life I found fascinating. The whole audience was captivated. They laughed with her and listened solemly at the sad parts of her life.

It was spellbinding. For example, if you want to hear what the 'real' Peter Sellers was like then my oh my you get it here and it is a whirlwind of a character. But he was just one of the people in her life and there is a whole lot more to Britt Ekland. Lou Adler, Rod Stewart, Slim Jim (the er slim one from the Stray Cats) are all part of the story and though her stories could be sharp they were never mean or cruel.

I don't want to give away any of the stories - for that you should really go. But what I will say is that Britt is accompanied by a projector and through each period of her life you see film I haven't seen before (Swedish News coverage of her wedding to Sellers) and rare photographs. Oh and a brief cameo from her beloved dog which is nothing other than sweet, pure and simple.

Eloquent, straightforward, funnily pointed and sometimes sad, Britt really surprised me by just how good a communicator she is. She is a storyteller of the highest order and what of course fascinates is that the stories are true. She held the audience from start to finish. Time flew by in her company.

Simply wonderful. Unmissable. Even if you aren't a fan it is worth attending just to see how an actress can hold an audience. Simply a marvel to behold.

The best show I have seen for some time and a show that really deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. The director Victor Spinetti also deserves credit as there is nothing in this show that doesn't intrigue.

It never bores.

I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars out of 5.

And what happened to the old guy? He was last seen flapping around, trying to cover all the exits so he wouldn't be without all those beloved signatures. For all I know Britt is still there in the middle of the night on a cool Croydon evening signing her way to freedom.

Paul - 18th May 2010

    "Today young people want to be famous, want to be celebrities, well, let me tell you what happened to me ..." - Britt Ekland

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    Personal Note

    M A Y  2 0 1 0

    I shall be attending the show at my local Fairfield Halls, Croydon on the 18th May and will review the show here.

    To be honest, with other projects on the go I've neglected these pages and didn't even know about the tour until a couple of days ago. Apologies for that as I really should have publicised it before now. Anyway, when I heard about the tour I decided now was a good time to re-design the web pages and here is the result.

    If you do get a chance do go on one of the dates. When you consider that in her career Britt appeared in Get Carter (voted the best ever British movie by Channel 4 viewers a couple of years back), The Wicker Man (the mother of all cult movies) and was one of the best-remembered Bond girls then it really is worth an evening out. She really is an icon of the cinema.

    And movie icons on Croydon high street are not an everyday occurence, believe me!

    I will contact Britt's management to get more info on the tour and will put it here so check back here often. Unfortunately I lost their e-mail address so if they want to contact me with any info feel free to do so by e-mailing me here.

    Also, any fans who would like to have their reviews placed here on the tour please e-mail me here.

    ~ Paul Page, 3rd May 2010

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