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12 November 1929
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

14 September 1982
Monacoville, Monaco. (Road Accident)

...And all that is in-between makes up a 100 lifetimes...


Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born into a rich Irish Catholic family in Philadelphia (her uncle was the playwright George Kelly) and attended private schools before enrolling in the American Academy of Dramatic Art in New York City in 1947. She made her professional debut in summer stock in July 1949 and her Broadway debut in November 1949. She also appeared frequently on television.

During her six-year (1951-56) heyday in Hollywood, she appeared in such films as Fourteen Hours (1951), in which she made her screen debut; High Noon (1952), as Gary Cooper's Quaker wife; Mogambo (1953); and The Country Girl (1954), for which she won an Academy Award for best actress as Bing Crosby's dowdy wife. But perhaps her most memorable roles were in such Alfred Hitchcock films as Dial M for Murder (1954), Rear Window (1954), and To Catch a Thief (1955). Kelly was the perfect Hitchcock heroine and had what he described as "sexual elegance."

After making The Swan (1956) and High Society (1956), she married Prince Rainier and became princess of Monaco. The couple had three children--Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stephanie--and remained devoted to each other and their family.

Books and gossip inevitably have arisen in the years since her death speculating on her affairs, unhappiness in her long marriage etc. etc, yawn, yawn...the same stuff that seems to surround anyone famous who dies. For all the sources seem to emanate from silver haired gentlemen who perhaps finding their pension's rather meagre decide to make a trip to fantasy island, come up with 'I know let's tell a sex scandal like story about Grace and I who told me to get lost in a bar in 1965 but hey let's not let reality get in the way of making a buck or two' and write a tacky covered book destined for the bargain bin bucket of the bargain bin bucket hell superstore in the hope that they can buy outright the timeshare they've acquired in the Costa del Crap! Or elderly journalists who make the mistake of thinking that advancing years gives some respect to books that can not disguise their bitterness that Princess Grace never called them to confide in anything other than 'lovely weather today!'

But do buy these tacky books from this site as I'm also a hypocrite.

Princess Grace died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. She and her daughter Stephanie were driving on a winding road at Cap-d'Ail in the Côte d'Azur region of France when Princess Grace suffered a stroke and lost control of the car, which plunged down a 45-foot (13.7-metre) embankment. This was on September 14, 1982.

The spot where she fatally lost control is said to be the same spot where the picnic scene in To Catch a Thief was filmed in 1954.

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Grace Kelly
Manipulated Promotional Still

G R A C E   K E L L Y

Birth name
Grace Patricia Kelly


5' 7" (1.70 m)

Prince Rainier of Monaco (19 April 1956 - 14 September 1982) (her death) 3 children

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#5). [1995]

Ranked #51 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]

Hoped to return to acting in Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie (1964), but the people of Monaco didn't want their princess playing a thief and romancing Sean Connery.

Has three children with Prince Rainier: Princess Caroline (1957), Prince Albert (1958) and Princess Stephanie (1965).

Her movies are banned in Monaco by order of Prince Ranier.

The inscription at her burial site in Monaco's cathedral does not refer to her as a princess. It uses the title "uxor principis" (prince's wife), which is traditional in the House of Grimaldi.

Interred at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Assisted in the pre-production status of The Grace Kelly Story starring Cheryl Ladd as Grace Kelly.

Actress Rita Gam was among her bridesmaids.

Born at 5:31 AM EST.

In 1993, the USA and Monaco simultaneously released a commemorative postage stamp honoring her. However, USA federal law forbids postage stamps depicting foreign heads of state, so the USA stamp listed her as "Grace Kelly", while the Monaco stamp listed her as "Princess Grace".

Part of Prince Ranier's attraction to marrying a movie star was to increase tourism in his tiny, cash-poor principality, and the Kelly family was turned off by his demands that a substantial dowry accompany Grace to Monaco. A figure of $2,000,000 was finally agreed upon, which was diverted from Grace's inheritance so that her brother and two sisters wouldn't be shortchanged.

Kelly's wedding gown was the most expensive garment that MGM designer Helen Rose had ever made. It used twenty-five yards of silk taffeta and one hundred yards of silk net. Its 125-year-old rose point lace was purchased from a museum and thousants of tiny pearls were sewn on the veil.

Was considered for the role of Maggie the Cat in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)' that was eventually played by Elizabeth Taylor.

The so-called "wealthy" family Grace was born into was actually an immigrant family of bricklayers who had barely a generation of new-found business success. Grace's father and brother were both Olympic gold-medal scullers. Grace's cousin, former US Secy of Navy John Lehman, Jr. now chairs the Princess Grace Foundation, which supports young performing talent.

Attended and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York.

The film that won Kelly an Oscar ("The Country Girl") was first offered to Jennifer Jones, who had to turn it down due to pregnancy.

When she left Hollywood, several roles she was slated to play were eventually filled by Lauren Bacall. ("Designing Woman" and "The Cobweb"). Director George Stevens also wanted her for "Giant" (1956)

Niece of playwright George Kelly.

Measurements: 34-24-35 (1955 pin-up), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

G R A C E   K E L L Y

Actress - filmography
(1980s) (1960s) (1950s)

  1. Rearranged (1982)

  2. Poppies Are Also Flowers (1966) (as Princess Grace) .... Host
    ... aka Danger Grows Wild (1966) (UK)
    ... aka Mohn ist auch eine Blume (1966) (Austria)
    ... aka Opium Connection, The (1966)
    ... aka Poppy Is Also a Flower, The (1966) (USA)

  3. High Society (1956) .... Tracy Samantha Lord
  4. Swan, The (1956) .... Princess Alexandra
  5. To Catch a Thief (1955) .... Frances Stevens
    ... aka Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief (1955) (USA: complete title)
  6. Bridges at Toko-Ri, The (1955) .... Nancy Brubaker
  7. Green Fire (1954) .... Catherine Knowland
  8. Country Girl, The (1954) .... Georgie Elgin
  9. Rear Window (1954) .... Lisa Carol Fremont
    ... aka Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954) (USA: complete title)
  10. Dial M for Murder (1954) .... Margot Mary Wendice
  11. Mogambo (1953) .... Linda Nordley
  12. High Noon (1952) .... Amy (Fowler) Kane
  13. Fourteen Hours (1951) .... Mrs. Louise Ann Fuller

Rainier's Funeral
G R A C E   K E L L Y

prince rainier

Report | 15/04/05

In depth news and pictures from the funeral can be found by clicking here.

prince rainier

Report | 08/04/05

The Duke of York will represent the Queen at the funeral of Prince Rainier of Monaco, Buckingham Palace has said.

The Queen, 78, no longer attends overseas funerals and the duty normally passes to the next in royal seniority.

But the palace said Prince Charles would not be required to interrupt his honeymoon in Scotland to attend.

Prince Rainier, the longest-reigning monarch in Europe, died aged 81 on Wednesday. His funeral will take place on 15 April at Monaco's cathedral.

Style and glamour

As Prince Charles will be on honeymoon after Saturday's wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Andrew will now make the trip.

Prince Rainier, who died from lung, heart and kidney problems, will be succeeded by Prince Albert - the son he had with his late wife Grace Kelly, the former Hollywood star.

They married in 1956 and his bride brought a new glamour to Monaco.

It helped the prince turn the principality into an affluent and stylish haven for the rich and famous.

Princess Grace died in a car crash in 1982. The couple's two other children are Caroline and Stephanie.

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Rainier's Will
G R A C E   K E L L Y

prince rainier

Report | 11/04/05

It has emerged that Princess Stephanie will receive only one percent of the late monarch's estate.

Prince Rainier's will stipulates that his two eldest children, Albert and Caroline, are to be allocated around £950 million each, while Stephanie, who is known for her turbulent love life, receives a relatively modest £17 million.

Rainier Dies, Aged 81
G R A C E   K E L L Y

prince rainier

Report | 15/04/05

Prince Rainier of Monaco has died in hospital this morning. Monaco was immediately plunged into mourning and its famed casino closed its doors when the death was announced.

Prince Albert, his son and heir, was at his side.

The 81-year-old had suffered heart and kidney failure a fortnight ago, following a long period of ill health. He had been in intensive care since March 22.

Rainier's body was transferred from the hospital back to his hilltop palace shortly after his death and will lie in state in the palace's Palatine Chapel so Monegasques can pay their respects, said an official.

There was no immediate official word on funeral arrangements. Rainier was expected to be buried alongside Princess Grace at the 19th-century Monaco Cathedral, where they wed on April 18, 1956.

Beside her tomb is an empty slab of marble waiting to be engraved with the prince's name. Tributes flooded in from European leaders and politicians who praised Rainier - who had been Europe's longest-serving monarch - as a reformist prince.

A palace statement said Rainier died "as a result of the broncho-pulmonary, heart and kidney conditions that caused his hospitalisation.'' Rainier had in been hospital since March 7.

Flags, already lowered out of respect for Pope John Paul, remained at half-staff. The two Monaco-based TV networks immediately interrupted programming with documentaries on Rainier's life and reactions to his death.

Part of the super-rich Grimaldi dynasty, the prince famously romanced Hollywood star Grace Kelly when she was filming on the Med - and married her in 1956.

She died in a car crash in 1982.

Prince Rainier was Europe's longest-serving monarch. Monaco's royal palace said he died at 5.35am British time.

His death came nearly a full month after he was first admitted with a lung infection to a heart and chest clinic that overlooks Monaco's glittering, yacht-filled harbour.

Rainier's doctors called Albert a little before 6am local time to tell him that the end was near, the palace said.

The Prince's romance with Grace Kelly captivated the world. They met in 1955 when she was the 25-year-old star attraction of the Cannes Film Festival.

Their marriage in 1956 put Monaco on the world stage. He never remarried after her death in a car accident in 1982.

Albert, their only son, succeeds Rainier as Monaco's de facto ruler until a formal investiture ceremony expected after a mourning period.

Albert had already taken over the royal powers - but not the throne - from his father last week after a royal commission decided that Rainier was too sick to rule.

The 47-year-old Albert, groomed for decades to succeed his straight-laced father, is well travelled, multilingual and a five-time bobsledding Olympian.

In recent years he has been Monaco's top ambassador. A confirmed bachelor raised in the spotlight, he also has been seen as a sometimes reluctant heir.

Albert inherits a principality world-renowned for its casino and the annual Monte Carlo Grand Prix, but also eager to promote itself as a diversified, modern economy.

Monaco, no larger than New York's Central Park, is nestled on the Mediterranean Coast between Italy and the French Riviera.

After assuming the throne in 1949, Rainier embarked on five decades of relentless expansion.

Using landfill from the sea, Monaco increased its territory by 20 per cent.

Affectionately known as the "builder prince" Rainier oversaw the building of a whole new port, an artificial beach, a sparkling culture centre and an underground railway station.

A new breakwater was built to allow large yachts and cruise liners to dock in the main harbour.

Rainier's energies flagged with advancing age and illness.

The leader of one of Europe's longest-ruling royal families, the Grimaldis, Rainier suffered recurring health problems in recent years.

The silver-haired, portly prince underwent heart surgery in 1999.

In 2000, he had two operations including a nodule removed from a lung and was taken to hospital in 2002 for fatigue and bronchitis.

Recurrent chest infections put him in the hospital on numerous occasions thereafter.

Monaco has worked to overcome its image as a "shady place for shady people".

It came under fire in 2000, and its relationship with Paris came under strain, when a series of French official reports criticised its culture of banking secrecy and portrayed the principality as a haven for drug barons, money-launderers and tax dodgers.

Since then, however, Monaco has improved judicial co-operation and introduced comprehensive controls on dirty money, according to the global Financial Action Task Force on money-laundering and terrorist financing.

Report | 04/04/05

Statement from the royal palace read thus:

"The biological parameters are on the whole stable. However, the vital prognosis remains guarded."

Albert, who took over on Thursday as regent of the tiny Mediterranean principality, taking charge of all royal duties but not assuming the throne, said in a statement on sunday to the Vatican:

"The death of the sovereign pontiff wounds our souls - my sisters' and mine - at a moment when our dearly beloved father is struggling with affliction. This news marks us with profound emotion and with immense pain that we share with the Catholic Church."

Report | 01/04/05

Albert takes on the royal powers.

Prince Albert has taken over the royal powers of Monaco from his ailing father Prince Rainier, palace officials said yesterday.

The announcement gave no update on the condition of the 81-year-old ruler of the tiny principality, who has been in intensive care in hospital for nine days with breathing, kidney and heart problems.

A recovered Rainier could take back the powers, said the statement.

Albert, 47, is the only son of Europe's longest-serving monarch and his late wife, the film star Grace Kelly. A keen sports fan, he is often regarded as a reluctant heir.

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