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Russell Mills Undark US Promo Poster


[us signed promo poster]

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Type: US promo poster
Country & Year: US, 2000
Sized: 16" X 10" inches approx

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Signed on the image by Russell Mills (see scans below).

Out of all the posters Mills designed this has to be up there as one of the most beautiful. The backdrop makes it look like some mythical kind of script, almost a kind of Victorian lost world. The abstract has never looked so haunting - words, or my words, cannot do it justice.

I would say that along with Andrzej Klimowski (Kundera covers), Russell is the best and most important illustrator of the last 30 years or so, certainly British one. Look at the work for Nine Inch Nails, Brian Eno, Land Records, David Sylvian etc. and I don't think you could say it's hyperbole when I say that. I mean you look at the Peter Saville covers or the 4ad ones and his covers are works of art in comparison. Far better, far deeper and far more rewarding to look at. Gone to Earth anyone? The Pearl. Breathtakingly beautiful and an artist whose fame will only rise with the years, in my opinion.

Sent rolled in a hard tube to avoid damage. Unstretched.


Russell Mills Undark US Promo Poster

Russell Mills Undark US Promo Poster

Russell Mills Undark US Promo Poster

Russell Mills Undark US Promo Poster

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Poster has slight wavering in places but would look fine once framed. Sent in a hard tube to avoid damage.

Price: SOLD

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